Accelerator program within focusing on employee driven innovation

The InGenius platform serves as a breeding ground for innovation and a forum where employees can collaborate and grow ideas into tangible business opportunities. More than 43,000 Nestlé employees from 110 countries have created 2,300 new ideas and counting.

Nestlé has embraced bimodal thinking and speed with a process that takes innovations from idea to deployment within six months in an effort that emphasizes learning fast.

Nestlé’s approach is a leading example of how to succeed with executing Mode 2 projects, a concept where many companies struggle. The InGenius process encourages innovation and bimodal thinking by acting as an internal startup accelerator.

InGenius has deployed 35 solutions since starting-up 3.5 years ago to address challenges around the globe, from low-cost sensors for small-holder farmers to check soil moisture of their crops, to an app that enables employees to check product freshness and on-shelf availability in 26 markets around the globe.

Core to our team's work is digital acceleration, design thinking, user research and prototyping to help the idea owner to refine their idea and pitch it to executives for seed funding (around CHF 50k-100k plus the freedom to operate - internal man-days). After receiving the funds, the team builds the product in hackathon-style.
InGenius supports global communities (R&D, Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, HR and Procurement) and is currently also experimenting with local markets (Nestlé Switzerland, Nestlé Korea & more).

Our employees have enjoyed and benefited from working in a start-up-style environment, learning new design, technology, and pitching skills, as well as from the exposure to senior Nestlé executives. The experience contributes to the development of a more agile and innovative mindset inside Nestlé.

To deliver state of the art solutions, we work with many different partners from different fields, some of them are:


Employees pitch and vote on our global ideation platform, experts evaluate ideas and our lab executes on them startup-style, once funded we deliver a complete business solution.


We work with external partners to explore the use of innovative technology from IoT, over Drones and Virtual Reality to cognitive computing and more.


We enable partnerships for Nestlé businesses with start-ups, hackers, tech companies and customers to create technology integrations that make a difference.

35 Projects in 4 Years

Water Sense

Low-cost, fully customisable open source hardware and software for smallholder farmers in emerging countries with a focus on saving water and increasing farmer income while activating local communities.


BeSafe helps to keep our workplaces safe and enables our employees to easily report and track their safety observations through to successful resolution.

Drones in the Warehouse

Leveraging drone technology in order to improve stock count accuracy, cost avoidance and most importantly employee safety.

10 nationalities,
countless ideas,
one team.

Our interdisciplinary team of thinkers, innovators, designers and product managers supports our employees to successfully take their ideas from ideation, over pitching for funding, to implementation in the markets.

Alexis Ernst

UX designer and part-time mountain goat wandering the alps, with a flare for traveling the world. Inspired by technology, innovation, design, and coffee.

Dan Modoranu

UX Designer by day, Visual Designer by night with a passion for working on meaningful UI/UX projects that enhance the user's experience.

Kevin D'Silva

Global Innovation Manager, inspired by our people and fascinated by innovation. Driven by making the impossible possible within Nestlé.

Nick De Blasio

Product Manager Lead. Excited to help others grow, innovate and achieve more together. Life is short, lets make a difference.

Pete Becker

Tinkerer, imagineer and outdoor addict. Passionate about bringing great ideas to life through teamwork. Runs on diesel or espresso (and gelato).

Vinicius Geraldes

Loves to combine technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, always looking for creative solutions to complex problems. Explorer of the world, admirer of the sea.

Andrew Spalding

Digital craftsman keen to work with like minded innovators to hone, refine and nurture ideas that help evolve Nestlé business.

Arkajeet Dasgupta

Developer and Architect making real ideas using SAP cloud and on-premise technologies. Love to smile as it captures a million hearts and costs nothing.

Istvan Kovacs

Azure expert. Turning ideas to products. Innovation and coffee addict.

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